Authors -  Usha Nandini, Dr. R. Maruthi

Abstract :  In the last decade, the benefit of online payment has opened several new opportunities for e-commerce, lowering the geographical boundaries for retail. While e-commerce continues to be gaining quality, it's additionally the playground of fraudsters UN agency try to misuse the transparency of online purchases and also the transfer of master-card records. We establish GOTCHA! A new method on how to describe and take out features from a time-weighted network, and how to develop and integrate network-based and intrinsic quality in fraud detection (FD). The grouping of all features (i.e., intrinsic and network features) is fed to the machine learning methods. This is the Gotcha! Model. As the formation of network features drastically increases the number of features to learn from, all together methods like Random Forest are used to train the models.
Keywords : OTB, FD, Gotcha, Dot-NetB(DN).

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Authors -  ReshmaChandran, R Usha Nandhini, J.R.Nishanth, J Jarin Joe Rini

Abstract :  With the spread of digital data around the world through the internet, the security of the data has raised a concern to the people. Many methods are coming up to protect the data from going into the hands of the unauthorized person. Steganography and cryptography are two different techniques for data security. The main purpose in cryptography is to make message concept unintelligible, while Steganography aims to hide secret message. Digital images are excellent carriers of hidden information. We propose a method of combining Steganography and cryptography for secret data communication. In this paper, we propose a high-performance JPEG Steganography along with a substitution encryption methodology. The approach uses the discrete cosine transform (DCT) technique which used in the frequency domain for hiding encrypted data within image. Experimental results show that the visual and the statistical values of the image with encrypted data before the insertion are similar to the values after the insertion thus reduces the chance of the confidential message being detected and enables secret communication. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been estimated by computing Mean square error (MSE) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR).
Keywords : Steganography, Cryptography, plaintext, encryption, decryption, ciphertext, substitution cipher, discrete cosine transform, JPEG, quantization, Mean square error and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio.

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3. Ironclad: An Engineering Approach to Forbid Flight Hijacking

Authors -  Dr.Rajashekhara, Dr. Ramaswamy

Abstract :  In this paper we have given a suggestion in stopping hijacking in the most Effective way. IRONCLAD as means an unassailable method or a flawless device. We have designed a new method using the useful system of the body. This will definitely put a full stop to the things that threatens every one, if it is implemented properly. The method involves uncomplicated implementation of embedded systems and biomedical instrumentation. In research work heartbeat and temperature sensors were used. These sensors are located in all the traveler seats. The heartbeat and temperature of the human body are calculated and are constantly checked. There is always a quantum jump in the heart beat count and the temperature of a human body in times of tension. In case of any hijack, the human body will incidence the same, which is detected by the sensors and appropriate preventive events are in use automatically. The IRONCLAD deals with the detection and prevention of hijacking mechanically by combining the features of embedded and biomedical instrumentation for sensing the parameters. This reduces hardware cost, development time and space. The chips are inbuilt into a non-computing tool, which gives intellect to the system. Biomedical instrumentation provides necessary equipment for sensing the required parameters from the body. The camera gives the control to the system and for alerting the pilot.
Keywords : Embedded systems , biomedical instrumentation, heartbeat and temperature, hijack .

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