1. Digital Business towards an Academic and Professional Degree: An International Perspective

Authors -  P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, Kalishankar Tiwary, P. S. Aithal, R. Rajesh

Abstract :  Digital business is one of the important and valuable industries’ name today and it is the combination of business and IT components and its uses. The application of digital technologies or IT Applications in the business and organizations in contemporary age is also called Digital Business. Digital Business plays a leading role in the behavior study of the consumer of organizations. Different kind of professionals of an organization and company viz. directors, executive members, general professionals, people etc have great role in the applications and in Digital systems into their system. Ultimately these help in better relationship with the customers, collaborate and business operation and thus it is a people-centric approach and also processes to enable different stakeholders viz. customers, employees, managers, etc. Hence it is about the employing different kind of IT and Computing products, tools and technologies in the current age for promoting business functions. Hence a Digital Business is about making digital business venture and also making digital environment of an enterprise and corporate bodies. The interconnections and ecosystem of an organization and companies become perfect with the help of Digital Business and it is for the betterment of the corporate houses and thus digital business also helps in common people and to work effectively. This is important to note that in recent past Digital Business has becomes a field of study due to its importance and applications in different areas. The leading universities internationally are offering a different kind of programs leading to a degree in the field of Digital Business. In this paper, a case study cum policy based research is  considered emphasizing Masters program in Digital Business.
Keywords : IT Applications, Digital Business, Universities, MSc, Higher Education, Digital Innovations, Business Promotion.

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