Authors -  P.R.RajKumar, C.Kailasanathan, Swathi Damodharan, E.Vivek Sankar, N.Yuvarajpandi, M. Selvalakshmi

Abstract :  Magnesium hybrid composite are used for many applications like defence organizations, automobile industry and aerospace. The composite has low density, good mechanical properties, light weight and good physical properties. The density of magnesium is two third of that of aluminium. The magnesium alloy compared to other alloy has low mechanical strength. To improve the strength, wear resistance, reinforcement elements are added.
In this experimental study, magnesium based boron carbide (B4C) and graphite (Gr) particle reinforced hybrid composite materials were manufactured by powder metallurgy. The tribological property and hardness of these composite materials were investigated. The results of the tests revealed that the graphite reinforced hybrid composites exhibited a lower wear loss with comparable hardness compared to the unreinforced Mg alloy and Mg–B4C composites.
Keywords : Wear Behaviour, Magnesium, Hybrid Composite

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Authors -  T.Gangadharan, C.Kailasanathan, F.K.Azhar, C.Dharmaraj, A.Duraipandi

Abstract :  The conventional application of fiber in relation to the technology of synthetic fiber reinforced composites reveal the clue to widen the scope and to adopt the natural fiber composites for industrial applications. In the present work, human hair fiber is incorporated in Modified Polyester resin matrix hybridized with glass fiber for preparing composite specimens at various fiber weight percentages The developed human hair fiber, glass reinforced hybrid Modified Polyester composites (VGPP) were then tested for their mechanical properties. To enhance the adhesion between the human hair fiber and the Modified Polyester matrix, maleic anhydride- grafted Modified Polyester was used as a compatibilizer for the composites. It was found that the increase in fiber content reduces the mechanical properties of human hair glass-PP composite.
Keywords : Hair Fibre, Polymer Composites

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3. Design and Implementation of Compact Reconfigurable Antenna for UWB and WLAN Application

Authors -  Dr.M.Maharajan

Abstract :  TAntenna has rapidly developed due to the introduction of wireless communication. A compact four band antenna is well suited for WLAN/WIMAX application as it covers 2.39-2.67, 3.42-3.61 GHZ and 4.90-7.01 GHZ. Acceptable` agreement is obtained between the stimulated and measured antenna for performance parameters. Various applications can be implemented in a multiband antenna. Hence, the antenna provides quasi-omnidirectional radiation pattern in X-Z plane. These characteristics illustrates that the proposed antenna is an impressive model for handheld mobile devices. Index terms-Composite right/left handed (CRLH), Envelope correlation coefficient (ECC), Multiple- input multiple- output (MIMO), UWB Antenna.
Keywords : WLAN/WIMAX, Envelope correlation coefficient

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4. Optimal Topology in Multilevel Inverter for Power Quality Improvement using PWM Strategies

Authors -  Dr.K.Srinivasan

Abstract :  The general function of a multilevel converter is to synthesize a desired output voltage from several levels of dc voltage as inputs.  In order to increase the steps in the output voltage, a new topology is recommended in this paper, Various topologies of multilevel inverter provides several advantages including Power voltage stress, higher efficiency, lower EMI, better waveforms, low switching losses and improved THD. This paper proposes the simulation of novel algorithms for Cascaded H-Bridge Cell Multilevel Inverter to improve power quality by optimizing its structure. The optimization of structures is achieved by reducing the number of power semiconductor switches in the inverter. This is achieved with the help of mathematical equations which are obtained from the structure of the inverter. To validate the proposed algorithms the simulation results are compared with conventional methods.       
Keywords : Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Multilevel Inverter (MLI), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)

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